International Guests

2017年9月26日 by 鳩間島アイランドワールド No Comment

September 26th (Tue)    Weather:Clear and Sunny

Ballas Island

From south

From west

The sea collor is so beautiful  double exclamation

2nd Point for the snorkeling

Sea anemone and Anemone fish

Visibility → ◎

Our 3rd Point for Snorkeling

Light shower of the sun

Vivid coral reef group

Fantastic landscape

We have international guests today

Team Korea

Team France ( They live in Switzerland and She does not speak Japanese )

and Team Japan 

Using English and halting French all days
( long time I did not speak French but when I start to talk it was remember this is very Strange ) 
After sun set . 
Thank you for coming and participate our snorkeling tours.
  It was a very enjoyable day ムード